Laidig Energy, Inc. is dedicated to the research, development, design and supply of environmentally-friendly, material-handling systems exclusively for non-combustion pyrolysis of shale, coal, lignite and biomass.

Building on the decades of innovative, pioneering material-handling experience from Laidig Systems, Inc., Laidig Energy works in partnership with Petrodome, LLC., to accomplish the commercial realization of patented technology for high-capacity retort systems used to convert unconventional energy source materials into hydrocarbon vapors for processing of liquid transportation fuels.  At the core of these materal-handling systems is a directly-heated, non-combustion gas retort silo capable of sustained production of hydrocarbon vapors for upgrading to liquid fuels at rates of up to 30,000 bpd.

The scope of the Laidig Energy material handling systems begins with the delivery of the raw source material (ie., mined shale or coal) to the retort facility.  The source material is received, crushed, screened, and then stored in sealed domes, before being processed through preheat, retort and quench silos. At the output end, the hydrocarbon vapors are collected for delivery to the refinery and upgrader, and the spent source material is readied for delivery the appropriate containment area.

The retort systems developed by Laidig Energy are designed to be the highest-capacity retort systems in the world, and therefore offer the largest-possible return on investment.  Laidig Energy is proud to pioneer a new industry which has the potential to unlock abundant resources the world’s rapidly growing energy needs.

For further information, contact:

Wyn Laidig, President, Laidig Energy, Inc.,
Todd Dana, CEO, Petrodome, LLC.,